Contact Details


If you want to contact Andy or Nicky the best way is via email. We will respond as quickly as possible and aim to check our emails every three days, but please understand we are sailing and this may not always be possible.


We generally send and receive emails via an Iridium satellite phone which has a slow connection speed. We love to receive short emails, but large attachments, photos and emails longer than 30K are not sent by sat phone, but are held in a separate file, and we can only access them from an internet cafe - so it may be a few weeks before we can reply.


The email address is:




If you need to contact Andy or Nicky urgently then this can be done via our son, James Gibb. He holds our emergency contact details such as the satellite phone number and GSM mobile phone number. Please note, this contact should only be used in an emergency situation where a response is needed within 48 hours.


The mobile number for James Gibb is:

(+44) 0778 755 7113


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