These friends have sailed on Intrepid during her time cruising the world, in addition to Andy, Nicky and James Gibb; all are British except where shown:

Ben Baseley-Walker Atlantic E-W, Caribbean Denis Burger (USA) USA, Pacific, Aus Katie Martin Caribbean
Janet Baseley Caribbean, Med, Asia Alan Davis Florida Chris and David Gibb Sardinia
Jim Clark Biscay, Med, Atlantic Caroline Stanton Caribbean, Pacific Carolyn Gilsenan Caribbean
Dai Williams UK South Coast Christian Birch Caribbean, Pacific Eric Atherton Cuba-Panama
Trish Adams Portugal-Canaria Chris Chambers (Aus) Pacific Marquesas-BBora    
Pam Martin Portugal, Med, Malaysia Jill Chambers (Aus/NZ) Pacific Marqesas-B.Bora    
Bob Alexander Biscay, Portugal-Canaria Craig Bellamy Samoa - Vavau    
Mike Harrison Portugal - Canaria Jan Allen (Aus) Samoa-Vavau    
Chris Gilsenan Atlantic E-W Tom Lais (German) Vanuatu-Brisbane    
Per Malvemyr (Swedish) Caribbean, Atlantic W-E Jenny Burger (USA) Aus    
Maeve HamiltonHercod Atlantic, Med, Asia Mark Wade Caribbean    
Ian Adamson Med Phil Cheeseman Med    
Hester Clark Gibraltar W-E John and Sarah Gibb Sardinia    
Hilary Davis Med, Caribbean Jutta Scheer (German) Caribbean    
Bernard & Beryl Heath Atlantic E-W Stefan Scheer (German) Caribbean    
Elaine Burger (USA) USA, Pacific,Aus Tim Luker Bali-Singapore    

FRIENDS who write and keep our spirits up and keep us in touch with the real world, including: 

 Brian Cook, Damian Walsh(Aus), Ric and Lyn Brown, Peter and Helen Johnson, Lanah Hake (USA), Gill Cheeseman, Nicole Cunningham-Snell, Ric and Mary (USA), Tara and Alan Mycroft, John Rich, Tom and Pat (USA), Bill Southgate, Ken and Rosemary Gunn, Robert Haas (USA), Dan Mirkin (Israel), Mark Siggars, Peter and Diana Jensen, David and Ildika (Aus), Claudia and Martin Reeves (Austria-Belgium),  Rosalyn Rahme, Robin Berrington (USA) , Pamela Smith (USA), Mary Carlisle, Michelle and Roy (USA), Jamie Weyndling (USA), Penny Barron, Sue Shrimpton, Andy and Nicky Simpson, Samantha Holland, Richard Kennedy (Aus),  Ivan and Glenny Hunt (Aus), and especially my mother Bridget Gibb, for whom these logs started.

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