This is a small selection of our photos in date order, most recent first:


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


October 2007: Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


Sept 2007: Cricket on West Peckham Green, Church and The Swan behind.


June 2007: Intrepid at rest in Kemer Marina Turkey


June 2007: Valley winding up the Turkish Mountains 5 kms above Kemer


June 2007: Container Ship passing Intrepid at moorings in Port Suez


June 2007: Intrepid pursuing Great Happy in the Bitter Lakes part of the Suez Canal


June 2007: Bent Pyramid and Camel, Daushur, South of Cairo


May 2007: Abu Simbal Temple, Lake Nasser, 30 miles north of the Sudan Border.


May 2007: Nicky and Jill on donkey cart, Suakin Town, Sudan


May 2007: Old Suakin now in ruins


May 2007: Bathing and boats, Suakin


May 2007: Fish and Coral, Elba Reef


May 2007: Boats and eagles, Suakin.


April 2007: Coffee Shop and Pavement Cafe, Asmara, Eritrea


April 2007: Italian designed handmade shoes, Asmara, Eritrea


April 2007: Camel Dealer and Camel for sale, Keren, Eritrea


April 2007: Goat and Camel Market, Keren, Eritrea


April 2007: Old Yemeni mud brick village 50 kms north west of Sanaa


April 2007: Old Yemeni man and grandson at Shibam Weekly Souk, north/central Yemen


April 2007: Old Sanaa, capital of Yemen and UNESCO world heritage site in its entirety


April 2007: Dolphins and Inrepid


April 2007: 4 Dolphins under Intrepid's bow.


April 2007: Nicky Jill, Chris on the Wahaiba Sands Oman


April 2007: 3 Camels in a pick up on their way to the races, Oman.


April 2007: Wahaiba Sands at sunset.


April 2007: Camel and twins


March 2007: Omanis playing an early version of backgammon, Sur port, Oman.


March 2007: Central Muscat after development


March 2007: Tim, Rima, Nicky Andy in the Pyramids Complex, Dubai


March 2007: Lanah and Nicky arrival Salalah Port after 13 days and 1350 miles crossing the Arabian Sea


March 2007: Sri Lankan Fishing Boat just prior to trading for watermelon


March 2007: Intrepid transferring fresh water to another Sri Lankan Fishing Boat


March 2007: Lanah on watch on Intrepid


March 2007: Sunset 700 miles from Maldives,700 still to go to Oman,


March 2007: Intrepid from the masthead in the Maldives


February 2007: Laguna Resort on Velassaru Island, South Malle Atoll, Maldives


February 2007: Hilary hand steering Intrepid with Malle Town in Background.


February 2007: Surgeonfish on coral head, Maldives.


February 2007: Tea and Hills in Sri Lanka


February 2007: Elephant Family in River, Sri Lanka


February 2007: Train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya Tea Plantations, Sri Lanka


February 2007: Hilary, Nicky Andy and Python, Sri Lanka


February 2007: Jafna run landing ship in Galle Harbour opposite Intrepid


February 2007: Hilary Nicky and 2 Plantation labourers


February 2007: Dancers at New Moon Parade, Colombo


February 2007: Temple Elephant, New Moon Parade, Colombo


January 2007: Vasco de Bernard living the good life with coconut - Elephant Beach, Andamans 


January 2007: Nicky in Mangrove Mud


January 2007: Winnowing, Village Number 1, Havelock Island, Andaman Islands.


January 2007: Chicken Market, Port Blair, Andaman Islands.


January 2007: Customs Officials on Intrepid, Port Blair


January 2007: Nicky's 5? Birthday, at sea between Phuket and Andamans.


November 2006: 50 foot wooden boat under construction, Pulau Pangkor


November 2006: Monkeys, Pulau Pangkor 


November 2006: Malaysian Dancers


November 2006: Rally Asia participants at tea in Port Dickson


October 2006: Tim and Nic in Little India, Singapore


October 2006: Orchids at the Botanical Gardens, Singapore


October 2006: Old and New at Boat Quay, Singapore River.


October 2006: Kongka Cecil island and stilt village 70 miles south of Singapore


October 2006: Tim in executive pose


October 2006: Fishing boat and outrigger canoe at Bawean island, Java Sea


October 2006: Tim and Andy at Ulu Watu sea temple, Southern Bali


September 2006: Kecak dance theatre performed at Tanah Lot temple by 5000 Bali choir


September 2006: Local boats sailing the 45 mile Bali-Lombok straights at night in 25 knot winds.


September 2006: Coral being attacked by Crown of Thorn Starfish, Flores, Indonesia


September 2006: Traditional Cargo Boat, Sumbawa


September 2006: Kids after helping us to launch our dinghy, Kolo Village, evening


September 2006: Komodo Dragon in Rinja


September 2006: Buffalo plowing rice paddy, Flores


September 2006: Volcano seen from Lowelebo at sunset


September 2006: Spider Boat


August 2006: Kids at Soe, highlands north of Kupang, Timor, Indonesia


August  2006: River Crossing by car


August 2006: Crocodile in Kakadu National Park with wetlands in background


August 2006: Lilies


August 2006: James and Nicky by the South Alligator River


August 2006: Rock Art - Kangaroo Hunt


 June 2006: Elaine and Madeleine (a Koala)


June 2006: Nic and Wombat


June 2006: Elaine and Denis in control of Intrepid inside the Great Barrier Reef in winter


June 2006: Jenny steering Intrepid in the Whitsunday Islands


June 2006: Blair Athol Open Cast Coal Mine


April 2006: Emu halfway between Broken Hill and White Cliffs Opal Fields.


April 2006: Confluence of Murray-Darling rivers, Australia


April 2006: Parrots at Lake Alexandrina, SE of Adelaide


April 2006: Grey Kangaroo at Tower Hill Reserve, South Australia


April 2006: Melbourne Yarra River from the Observation Point in Collins Street


April 2006: Canberra old and new Parliament Houses from the War Memorial/Museum


April 2006: Koala we rescued from the middle of the road, Victoria, Australia


March 2006: Chris, Jill, Nicky on Aquadisiac in front of Sydney Harbour Bridge


March 2006: Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand


March 2006: Hereford Bulls on Sue and Eric's Farm, NZ


 March 2006: After canoeing the Wanganui River Gorge, NZ


February 2006: Canoeing the Wanganui River Gorge


February 2006: Nic and her cousin Alec in front of his house in Portland Oregon.


February 2006: Andy, and his cousin Ian, and Vivian near their 'cabin'


February 2006: Snowshoeing on Mount Hood


February 2006: North Vancouver


December 2005: Sophea and Family, Siem Reap, Cambodia


December 2005: Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia


December 2005: Bayon Temple reflected


December 2005: Tree in Ta Prom Temple


December 2005: Skulls at the Killing Fields Cambodia


November 2005: Storm off Brisbane


November 2005: Storm off Brisbane 8 hours earlier


November 2005: Bernard Malpas (cousin of JM Tjibaou) and Nicky


November 2005: Graves of 10 Tiendenite Villagers killed by Caldoshes in 1984 - New Caledonia


November 2005: Abandoned Nickel Mine, New Caledonia


November 2005: Jean Marie Tjibaou Cultural Centre, New Caledonia


October 2005: Tom, Nicky, kids and elders after Sunday pig roast, Tanna


October 2005: Eruption from Mt Yasur Volcano, Tanna island, Vanuatu


October 2005: Kastom Village Dance, Tanna


October 2005: Truck with Mt Yasur Volcano in the background


October 2005: Erro String Band with their newest recruit, Erromango Island, Vanuatu


September 2005: Makareta and her parents with Andy, Nicky, James


September 2005: Andy, Nicky, James on the hills above Livoni Village Ovalau, Fiji


September 2005: Kava Ceremony, Nataleira Village, Fiji


August 2005: Mother and baby humpback whale, Vavau islands, Tonga


August 2005: Sailfish, Savaii, Samoa


August 2005: Fatupisa and 4 of her 10 siblings, Avau, Savaii


July 2005: Denis, Nicky and Elaine sailing Suvarov - American Samoa


July 2005: Denis fighting the Marlin


July 2005: Beach Party at Suvarov to celebrate completion of the Beach Hut


July 2005; 2 Sharks and a Diver in Bora Bora - photo by Denis


June 2005: Elaine, Dennis, Nicky, Andy at Chez Louise's Tahaa


June 2005: Elaine and Dennis sailing Intrepid Raietea to Bora Bora


June 2005: Denis and the swimming pigs of Raietea


June 2005: Nic's Pearls


June 2005: Sunset at Huahine.


May 2005: Intrepid in Opanahu Bay Moorea.


May 2005: Intrepid, Andy and Nicky at anchor in Apataki Lagoon, Tuamotus


May 2005: Jill and Chris deliberate - pearls of wisdom; Apataki


May 2005: Alfred extracts our AA pearl from the oyster, Apataki


May 2005: Andy, Nicky and Grandmere the Bakeress of Ahe


May 2005: The Peaks of Ua Poa over the harbour, Marquesas


May 2005: Saturday lunch en famille Mouana, Ua Poa


April 2005: Nicky, Chris, Jill and Taho, Fatu Hiva


April 2005: Chris at the wheel of Intrepid


April 2005: Intrepid in Anaho Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas.


April 2005: Happy as a Pig...


April 2005: Largest Tiki outside Easter Island, Puamau, Hiva Oa.


April 2005: Roasting Breadfruit, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas


April 2005: Arrival Marquesas


March 2005: Mid Pacific


March 2005: Sleeping baby sealion, Galapagos.


March 2005: Nicky and the (male) Giant Tortoise


March 2005: Galapagos Crabs


March 2005: Blue footed Boobies mating


Jan 2005 - Panama Canal Transit Crew Photo


January 2005 Panama Canal Transit with a freighter


January 2005 Panama Canal Transit, Nicky, Christian, Andy


January 2005 Panama Canal Webcam photo of Intrepid entering Miraflores Lock


Sept 2004 Andy, Nicky James and the White House


April 2004: Interior view of Intrepid - Saloon, Galley, Navigator's Berth


April 2004: Interior view of Intrepid from the chart table looking forward to the forward cabin


28 December 2003: The Intrepid crew accepting first prize at the St Lucia Fun regatta


December 2003: ARC Finish at St Lucia


December 2003: Stern view of Intrepid at ARC finish


December 2003: Andy, Nicky, Bernard and Beryl ARC finish


November 2003: Big Fish!


November 2003: Nic at chart table


November 2003: Intrepid from masthead preparing for ARC 2003


24 February 2002: Night-time cruising


25 December 2001: Christmas celebrations on Bequia


25 December 2001: Christmas Dinner!


25 November 2001: The Intrepid ARC 2001 crew before setting off






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