2001 to 2007 Schedule (Updated 6th December 2006)

2001 Departed Dover UK June 2001via Plymouth UK, Brest France, Corunna Spain and the Portugese Atlantic Coast to Gran Canaria Island in 1 week trips using vacation time from work. Departed Gran Canaria November 2001 across the Atlantic, arriving in St Lucia mid December.

2002 Cruised north via (ia) Antigua, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Key West to Melbourne Florida, then back across the Atlantic to Bermuda, Azores to Gibraltar and Aguadulce, Southern Spain where Intrepid remained over winter.

2003  Cruised within the Med round the south coast of Spain (Cartagena, Valencia, Barcelona), France (Marseilles, Nice), Italy (Florence, Rome, Naples, Sicily) then back to Gibraltar and south to Gran Canaria, then across the Atlantic for the 3rd time.

2004  Cruised north through St Kitts, Dominican Republic to Key West then north right up the east coast of the USA to Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York, Long Island Sound, then south through the Great Dismal Swamp Canal and ITC routes to Charleston, Carolina Beach, Miami, Dry Tortugas to Havana then round the south coast of Cuba.


January: Cuba to Colon, and through Panama Canal

February: Panama to Galapagos (~1000 miles)

March: From Galapagos to Marquesas (~4000 miles)

April: Marquesas to Tuomotu Archipelago (~1000 miles)

May: Tahiti (~200 miles)

June: Bora Bora, Society Islands (Tahiti Group) then Cook Islands (Suvarov (~400 miles)

July: American Samoa and Samoa

 August: Tonga Group

 September: Fiji Group (~600 miles)

 October: Departed Fiji Group mid Oct for Vanuatu (~600 miles)

 November: Arrived New Caledonia Group (~350 miles) then Brisbane (~900 miles)

 December: Departed for UK by air.


January: In UK (Intrepid out of the water in Australia)

February: Vancouver and West Coast USA by car

March: Tour New Zealand by car

April: Tour Australia by car, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane

10th May: Intrepid departs Brisbane to Cairns (800 miles) cruising slowly, mainly day hops some overnight..

25th June: Arrive Cairns.

July, Intrepid in Marlin Marina Cairns, Andy in UK.

All dates after this are approximate.

20th July (approx) depart Cairns to Cooktown (about 100 miles) then 400 miles to Cape York, round the top of NE Australia then through the Torres Straights between Aus and Papua New Guinea 750miles to Darwin in Aus Northern Territory

10th August: Arrive Darwin

20th August: Depart Darwin for Kupang (Indonesian Timor), arrive Kupang about 24th August 

27th August : Depart Kupang cruise the islands in this southern part of Indonesia including Flores, Komodo (dragons) Lombok, to Bali (Denpassar)

1st October: Arrive Bali, cruise Bali

8th October: Depart Bali west towards Jakarta (probably won't get that far) then north to Singapore. about 1000 miles

25th October: Arrive Singapore, Raffles Marina

3rd November : Depart Singapore with the Malaysian Rally north along the Malacca Straights. .

12th November: Selangor.

24th to 27th November: Langkawi

1st December: Phuket.

4th December by air to Miri/Bintulu in Sarawak

16th December: To UK for Christmas


10 th January Depart Phuket, 400 miles to Andaman Islands

17th January: Andaman Islands (Indian visas required)

25th January: Andaman Islands, then depart for 800 mile sail to Galle

2nd February: Galle (SW Sri Lanka)

9th February: Galle and exploring Sri Lanka

16th February: Depart for 500 mile sail to Maldives

23rd February: Maldives

2nd March: Depart Maldives for 1400 mile sail to Muscat (Oman)

9th March Arrive Muscat about 14th March

16th March: Intrepid in Muscat, Andy and Nicky exploring Oman and Dubai

23rd March: Oman and Dubai

30th March: Depart Muscat for 600 mile sail to Salalah (SW Oman) stopping if we can on the way

6th April: Salalah

13th April: Depart Salalah for 700 mile sail to Aden or nearby port.

20th April: Aden (or near port, finalising visa, convoy if suitable, trip to Sana)

27th April: From Aden to Red Sea (1200 miles from south end to Port Suez at north end, prevailing wind E or N)

4th May: Red Sea

11th May: Red Sea

18th May: Red Sea

25th May: Red Sea

1st June: Prepare for Suez Canal transit

8th June: Through Suez Canal to Alexandria (100 miles)

15th June: Alexandria

22nd June: Alexandria to Cyprus maybe with a detour

29th June: Cyprus

6th July: Cyprus

13th July: Turkey

20th July: Turkey or near islands

27th July: Turkey or near islands, Intrepid finds a suitable Marina for the summer and winter 2007/8

3rd August: In UK.

Important Conditions!
As you can see this approximates to 100-200 miles/week, so there is plenty
of time to go ashore, explore, as well as a few longer passages. This is a
cruise not a race. If any part of this itinerary appeals to you, please
email us. We cannot take everyone, but we like sailing with friends, and
anyway would love to discuss it. When we have expressions of interest, we
can discuss airports to arrive and depart from, and timing. You would need to pay your
airfare and travel insurance, and share food and drink costs, and marina and
car rental (depends where we are - often there aren't many marinas or rental cars!). That's it.

The itinerary depends as usual on all sorts of family and weather factors including Avian Flu outbreaks, pirates, world
politics, cyclones, tsunamis, and other calamities. (Tsunamis are relatively
safe if you are in a boat as the wave just passes under you). So that's why
we cannot be completely definite about places and dates. But they should all be
nice places to visit.........................................................................................................

Intrepid is not a commercial charter yacht. If you do come on Intrepid, you must accept and agree the following statement which just recognises that even with the best of intentions, accidents can happen at sea  and its as well for
everyone to know where they stand.

'You will act safely while you are with Intrepid of Dover, and agree that
Nicky and I are absolved from any liability;  you also waive any and all
claims that may accrue against Nicky and/or I for whatever reason.'


You should make sure that you have adequate travel and medical insurance.














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