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Andy and Nicky write a "ships log" as a record of their travels. The aim is to give an honest account of how their travels are progressing. It is sent out via email to people who have expressed an interest, and also posted on this website. They vary in frequency but on average are sent every 2-3 weeks. If you would like to be added to the list of people receiving the log via email please contact us.


Here are the ships logs in date order (most recent first):


27th October 2007 Intrepid Circumnavigation Party


9th October 2007 Intrepid in the Med


5th September 2007 A Kentish Village in summer


24th July 2007 BACK HOME! Blog.


15th June 2007: Racing the US Navy through the Suez Canal - and Circumnavigation declared complete!


5th June 2007: Suez Canal - Catastrophes, Cairo and the Bent Pyramid.


25th May 2007: Egypt - Red Sea, Valley of Kings and Aswan 3500 years ago


6th May 2007: Sudan- Security, Sand, Oil and Discontent


27th April 2007: Eritrea - An African Success story if the West will encourage it.


20th April 2007: Yemen and Aden - wild chaotic and different


4th April 2007: Dubai and Oman - Opulent Extravagance and the transition from oil to trade and tourism


16th March - Maldives to Oman - NE Monsoon and Lanah's first Ocean Crossing


4 March 2007: Malevolent Maldives - Coral Atolls, Luxury Resorts and Torture


20th February 2007: Elephants, Tigers, Tea and Topaz - Andamans to Sri Lanka


19th January 2007: The Triumph of Bureaucracy in the Andaman Islands


15th December 2006: Happy Christmas from Phuket!!!


24th November 2006: Malacca, Port Dickson, Penang and Langkawi - Malaysia Old and New


4th November 2006: North across the Equator to Singapore - clear vision and potentially explosive haze


14th October: Bali to Singapore and the islands in between


25th September 2006: Dragons and other adventures - Rinja, Sumbawa and Lombok


11th September 2006: Loweleba, Lamaekera, Larantuka and the Lakes of Kelimotu


30th August 2006: Thursday Island to Timor - Kakadu and Kupang


29th July 2006: Coral, Crocodiles and Currents over the Top of Australia - Cairns to Thursday Island


27th June 2006: The Great Barrier Reef in Winter - Mackay to Cairns


30th May 2006 - The Psychology of Boat Maintenance


6th May 2006: Outback - Roos, Repairs, Opals and Emus

13th April 2006: North NZ, Sydney, Melbourne - Cyclones, Sails and the not so Snowy Mountains


13th March 2006: UK, Canada, NW America, NZ, Friends and Relatives


16th December 2005: Adrenalin Rush Down Under; Cambodia- Killing Fields, Angkor Wat, Landmines


19th November 2005: New Caledonia - French and Cockroaches, Kanaks and Nickel, and ARRIVAL BRISBANE!


8th November 005: Tanna, Volcanoes, Kastom and Cargo


20th October 2005: Kava, Golf and Hunting wild pigs in Vanuatu


6th October 2005: Fiji to Vanuatu


26th September 2005: Fragile Fiji, Coups, Coral and Sugar Cane - and 2006/7 Intrepid Schedule


9th September 2005: Tonga to Fiji - fitful Democracies and Self Sufficiency


26th August 2005: Tonga - Whales, Mats and the Mermaid


13th August 2005: Savaii - Seldom seen Samoa - and danger from an unexpected source


28th July 2005: Pago Pago American Samoa - a contradiction?


16th July 2005 Suvarov Atoll, 0.1 sq mile, Population 2, distance to nearest land 450 miles.


4th July 2005 3 of the 1000 places to visit before you die - Huahine, Bora Bora and Maupiti


19th June 2005 Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora - Changing Fashions


6th June 2005 Apataki, Tahiti and Moorea - Pearls and Fumes


13th May 2005 Tuamotu Atolls and the not so Pacific


2nd May 2005 Slowing Down - Fast Track in the Marquesas


18th April 2005 Marquesas - Usual Stuff of Paradise


3rd April 2005 Arrival Marquesas - Hi Life and Lo Life in the Pacific


25th March 2005 As far from land as we can get - Notes from the Pacific


12th March 2005 Equator, Boobies, Sex and Survival of the Adapted Specialist


22nd February 2005 Pacific, Pirates and the Doldrums - Panama to Galapagos


22nd Jan 2005 Panama Canal Transit into the Pacific


16th Jan 2005 Panama Canal Transit Preparations


9th Jan 2005 Cuba to Panama


27th Dec 2004 A Cuban ABCD Azure Beaches Coral Documentation


11th Dec 2004 Miami to Cuba and the Thanksgiving Day Rescue


7th November 2004 Real Southern Hospitality Carolina Beach to Charleston


21st October 2004 Tobacco Indians and the Great Smokey Mountains


29th Sept 2004 Appallachian Trail Shenandoah Mountains and Hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne


21 August 2004 A Tourist in our own country - Washington DC to Somerset UK


Ships Log 31st May 2004  Washington and the Potomac


Ships Log 16th May 2004: Dolphins, Pelicans, Sharks and the Great Dismal Swamp


Ships Log: 18th April 2004 Bahamas - Exumas, Nassau, Freeport, Abacos and crossing the Gulf Stream


Ships Log: 20th March 2004 Turqoise Water Cruising in Turks & Caicos and Santo Domingo


Ships Log 29th February 2004 Whales, Virgins Puerto Rico and the notorious Mona Passage


Ships Log: 9 February 2004 Antigua, St Kitts, Saba and St Maarten


Ships Log: 19  January 2004 Hard work and intruders - Martinique, Dominica, Guadeloupe


Ships Log: 2 January 2004 Christmas in the Caribbean - Bequia, St Lucia and the fun regatta


Ships Log: 13 December 2003 Safe Arrival - 20 days 2 hours!


Ships Log: 8th December 2003 Tears Breaks Jibes and Burns (not all on Intrpepid)


Ships Log: 1 December 2003 Forecast: 80 knot gales in mid Atlantic


Ships Log: 26 November 2003The start! The good, the bad, the sick and the broken.


Ships Log: 13th November 2003 Anticipation & Adrenalin-Madeira to Canaries


Ships Log: 18th October 2003 Lagos to Madeira


Ships Log: 19th July 2003 Naples to Sicily - Stromboli and Etna


Ships Log: 28th June 2003: Nice to Naples


Ships Log: 10th June 2003Gale Dodging in the Med - Spain to Nice 



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